Healing In Everyday Life


Luke 19:10   For the  Son of Man has come to seek out and save what was lost

Acts 2:14   First conversions

Acts 2:17   Lord said “I will pour out My Spirit on all mankind”

Acts 3:6   First public miracle

Acts 4:18    Warned never to speak to anyone in Jesus’ name again

Acts 4:23   After warning, Peter and John went to their community

Acts 4:33   The apostles continued to testify to the Resurrection with great power

Acts 5:12   Portico of Solomon

John 14:12-13   Whoever believes in Jesus perform same works, even greater

Acts 5:29   Obedience to God comes before obedience to men

1 John 4:16   We ourselves have known and put our faith in God’s love toward ourselves

1 Cor 13:7   Love delights in the truth, Love is always ready to excuse, to trust, etc.

Acts 7:60   Stephen 1st martyr

Acts 8:3   Saul worked for the total destruction of the church

Acts 20:23   Even at his own peril, Paul bears witness to the Good News

Acts 1:8   Jesus ascended (You will witness to the ends of the earth)

Acts 8:4   First time Good News being proclaimed outside Jerusalem

Acts 8:26   Philip and Ethiopian

John 8:38 – John 8:55- John 14:31 Reveals His relationship with His Father

Acts 9:1   Saul traveling to Damascus

Acts 9:15   You must go, all the same

1 Tim 1:13   God’s mercy and grace

Acts 9:27   Saul preached boldly in Damascus

Luke 5:32   Calls sinners to repentance

John 13:8   Jesus said you will have nothing in common with Me

John 13:15   I have given you an example

Acts 14:22   Paul and Barnabas put fresh heart into the disciples at Derbe

Luke 24:13   Road to Emmaus

Romans 15:4   Hope

Acts 16:41 Paul and Silas

Acts 18:6   Paul goes to pagans

Acts 17:28   God not far from any of us, in Him that we live and move and exist

Acts 20:19   Paul served the Lord in all humility with all the sorrow and trials that came to him

Acts 28:30   Book of Acts comes to an end

2 Timothy 1:12   You know Who it is that you put your trust in

Exodus 3:14   “I AM has sent me to you”