Lies To Renounce

by | Jun 4, 2019

This list is a sample and not meant to be comprehensive


  • I’m never where I’m supposed to be – I shouldn’t be here – I should be dead – I don’t belong – I am always in the wrong place
  • I’ll never amount to anything – I’ll never be a success – I am a failure
  • I am of no significance.
  • I have to do it all myself – No one will help me
  • Nobody cares if I live or die
  • I have to get it right – I have to be perfect/the best – I can’t make a mistake for something bad will happen
  • My mother/father/sister/brother/spouse’s illness/death is my fault – I am responsible for their illness/death
  • I do not have a voice – I am invisible
  • It is always my fault
  • Something’s wrong with me
  • I am ugly
  • I am unworthy
  • I am a terrible mom
  • I’m nothing – I don’t matter – I’m a mistake – I am worthless – I am not worthy
  • God won’t/can’t help me – God doesn’t want to help me – God doesn’t care about me
  • Mental illness – fear of mental illness
  • Doubt, unbelief
  • Religious pride, religiosity
  • Shame, self-hatred, self-mutilation, sadomasochism
  • Laziness, tiredness, weariness
  • Perfectionism, pride, self-reliance, independence
  • Specific areas of pride (i.e. intellectual pride)
  • Grief, sorrow, sadness, crying
  • Poverty, failure, hopelessness
  • Addictions, alcoholism, nicotine, drugs, gluttony
  • Lust, masturbation, fornication, adultery, rape, incest, homosexual encounters, beastiality, worthlessness
  • Victim identity, powerlessness, helplessness, self-pity
  • Homosexual identity or lifestyle
  • Spirit of homosexuality or lesbianism
  • Spiritism, spirit guide (“The spirit that came to me when I…”)
  • False religions
  • Occult:  Ouija board, palm reading, fortunetelling, astrology, tarot cards (See Appendix 1 in Unbount)

Fear is a significant entry point; men and women can be in fear of anything, including every item on the list above.  Lead the individual to renounce the lie, the vow, the idol of, the spirit that entered, and so on.   Remember, renunciation is always done in the name of Jesus.

From UNBOUND, Appendix 3b, 4